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Add A Countdown Timer WordPress Plugin Widget

in this video you’ll learn how to add a
countdown timer to your WordPress
website and we’ll cover three different
scenarios of when it might be a good
idea to add one so if you’re ready let’s
get started so the first method we’ll
use is going to add a milestone
countdown widget using the countdown
timer ultimate plugin so you’ll want to
go to your WordPress dashboard from your
dashboard go over to plugins add new and
we’re looking for a countdown timer
ultimate this is the one we want from WP
online support so let’s go ahead and
click install now once it’s installed
you’ll also want to make sure that you
activate the plug-in as well so that you
can use it on your website once it
activates it’ll take you to their area
and you see there’s a new tab over here
called countdown timer you can choose
whether or not you want to subscribe and
then and now we can choose a countdown
timer to start so let’s go ahead and
click add timer and this is what are we
wanting the timer to be say it’s a
birthday timer and now we can go through
and set it up now note that the cathode
timer goes off of your current settings
in your current time zone that you have
set up if you want to change this you
can do that by going into settings
general I’m going to open it up in a new
tab so we don’t lose our space so I’m
going to right click open in a new tab
under generals general settings and you
can scroll all the way down to change
the time zone here if you want it to be
in your actual time zone now that I
changed it you see that it’s showing the
time zone as New York right from here
you want to set the expiration date that
you want it to be on and you have a
calendar that you can choose from so
we’ll set this for a week be done this
will be the time that it’ll expire and
choose whether you want it to tick down
or if you want just a smooth expiration
from here you can choose how big you
want the countdown timer or we’ll leave
it for the default and then you can pick
the colors here that’ll looks good so
let’s go ahead and click publish and
then we can go to countdown timer and
then you see the one that we just
created then we just need to grab the
shortcode so we can put it on the page
or the post where we want it to go or
this one I’m going to pick
pages add new call it birthday go to I’m
going to click enter to go to a new line
and from here you can either just paste
it or since it’s a shortcode I’m going
to add a block and search for shortcode
I’ll find that and then from here I’m
going to right-click and paste the
shortcode in here now we can click
publish to see this in action will view
the page very nice that’s a very nice
and smooth transition you see you can
play with all the colors I make it look
a little bit different however you’re
wanting it to look now if you prefer you
could also put this over on a shortcode
over on the side as a widget area so let
me show you how you can do that we’ll go
back to our garden blog we’ll go to
dashboard and we’ll scroll down go to
appearance widgets and we need to find
the text widget I’ll grab this one left
click and I’m dragging it up to my main
sidebar and from here I’m going to
right-click and paste that shortcode in
there and you can give it a title role
down we’ll click Save and then we’ll go
and visit the site and now you see it’s
over in the widget area so that looks
pretty good so that’s method 1 using the
countdown timer ultimate plugin let me
show you the next method that will be
adding a countdown timer we want to add
a milestone countdown widget using
optinmonster so let me show you how you
can do that you’ll want to have an
optimizer account and go ahead and log
in to optinmonster to create our
countdown timer optim once you log in to
your dashboard go ahead and click create
new campaign and for this one we’re
going to do it pop-up so I’m going to
make sure that pop-up is selected you
can scroll down and choose the type of
campaign you want to this is actually a
sensitive time offer so we’re going to
click on that and it will automatically
bring the ones that are designed with a
countdown timer in mind so those are
good and then you just want to pick the
one that looks best for what you’re
doing you can preview it here see how
that looks and once you preview it you
can go ahead and use this template so
say this is a holiday sale you name it
and that’s for your use only and then
you want to find your website you
probably only have one here and then
let’s start building it so what we’ll do
is we’ll bring everything in and you can
make the changes however you want so
we’ll get off the entire order that
looks pretty good since we just changed
it to 30 we need to change this button
as well great and from here you want to
choose the countdown that you want it to
be I’m gonna put the in date out to
about a week a little bit less than a
the visitors local time that’s great
it’s it’s going off of their local time
so they don’t have to figure out well
what is my time if Eastern closes if
this closes at midnight Eastern what
does it closed at my time it’ll
automatically go by their time and from
down here you can choose if you want to
display all of those items or if you
want to just take off the seconds and
just have minutes the seconds is pretty
powerful since it’s continuing to
countdown once you’ve designed it how
you want it to look we want to also make
sure that you hit display to make sure
that the display is right so basically
we’re going to have this display when
the time on page is at least 5 seconds
to give them a time to get acquainted
with our site you could also set this up
as an exit intent pop-up if you wanted
that means when they’re about to leave
we’re gonna keep it with time on pages
at least 5 seconds just to show you what
this looks like and we’ll do the next
step this is what we want to show them
and then this is the summary of what
everything looks like so we’ll click
Save and for this particular one we are
actually setting it up to also get their
email address they need to give us their
email address to get the 30% off so then
you can add an integration here and they
integrate with several of the top email
service providers and choose the one
that works best for you if you don’t
have an email service provider when
you’re using optinmonster you can use
and that just means that they will
collect them locally in your
optinmonster account until you do end up
getting a service provider it’s a great
easy way to get set up and get going
without worrying about making sure that
you have an email service provider set
up so we’ll do monster leads and then we
want to publish this so we’ll publish
that and now we need to go back to our
website to set it up so let’s go back to
our dashboard if you already use
optinmonster you probably already have
it installed but if you don’t then
you’ll want to install the integrator
plugin so let’s go to plugins add new
once we set that up we need to look for
optinmonster this is the one we want so
let’s go ahead and click install and
then we’ll also want to activate it and
set up the API key so let’s go ahead and
activate it and then we need to connect
it to our account we need to find the
API key that’s in our dashboard so we’ll
go back to our optinmonster dashboard
and then we’ll go up here to my account
and API let’s go ahead and copy this
great now we can go back right click
paste that in there and connect to
optinmonster once we see that settings
have been saved we can go to campaigns
and then we can refresh to see all of
our campaigns that have come over the
holiday so is the one that we were
working on so let’s go ahead and click
go live you see it’s it was disabled to
begin with but now we want to go live
now if I go to my website and now I have
this great countdown timer showing up on
my website and now the third method that
you can use a countdown timer with is by
using a plugin called seed prod
Seabright is a great WordPress coming
soon page it also does really well for
under maintenance and you can use the
countdown timer to show that off so you
want to hit over to see prot calm and
it’s the pro version that has the
countdown timer so you want to create an
account and log in to see prod to get
started under here you want to download
the pro version of coming soon pro so
we’ll download that and next we want to
edit to our website so let’s go to our
dashboard from there we’ll go over to
plugins add new and instead of searching
for the plug-in we’re going to
upload a plugin upload the one that we
just downloaded so we need to upload the
coming soon pro and go ahead and click
install now make sure you also stick
around to activate it so we’ll do that
great once it activates you want to
right-click and paste the license key so
let’s go ahead and check the license
it’s valid so we’re good to go
now we can go over to coming soon pro
here under settings to make the changes
that we need and we want to enable
coming soon and then we also want to
edit the coming soon maintenance page
when we do that all of these templates
come up and you see some of these have
the countdown timer here so you just go
through pick the one that’s closest to
what you want and then you can make the
adjustments from there so I’m going to
click on this one now you see it doesn’t
show the coming soon or the countdown
yet you’ll want to go over here under
countdown and pick that and you can
toggle that to enable the countdown and
now you’ll have the seconds and the
minutes from here just pick the time
zone that you’re in do the date that you
want it to end on and it will adjust
then and do the format you do the hover
over the information part you’ll see how
you can format it best but we like this
way because we like the seconds counting
down and then you can also choose
whether or not you want to auto-launch
when the countdown is then that would
probably be best if you know that for a
fact that it’s going to be ready
otherwise I would leave that off as
default everything looks good so now
let’s click Save Changes
and we can go back to our settings once
we’ve made changes make sure that the
enable coming soon mode is turned on and
click Save Changes in and now you see up
coming soon mode is active and now we
can open it up in a new incognito window
because it won’t work for us if we’re
logged in we won’t see the coming soon
part ok and now this is a great
countdown timer for when our site goes
live so those are three very effective
methods and I only showed you scenarios
in which you’d need to use them there
are plenty
other ways that you could use each and
every one of these to fit what you’re
wanting it to do so let me know in the
comments below which one are you going
to choose to use and thanks for watching
did you learn something from today’s
video if so subscribe to our YouTube
channel and we’ll send more helpful tips
to help you manage your WordPress
website and thanks for watching



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