How To Get Free Leads For Your Email List

Lead Generation is generally regarded as necessary to run a
business. Whether you have a Fortune 500 company or a small
home-based operation, people who are interested in what you have
to offer are essential if that business is to be viable and you
are to make a profit.

Of course, word of mouth benefits all sorts or businesses – and
there are ways of stimulating this – but getting started in a
small business, or growing an already existing operation,
requires more proactive steps.

A common approach is to buy leads. However, very often buyers
will simply lose their money doing this, especially if you buy
generic leads or those who’ve shown only a marginal interest in
your business.

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One of the worst strategies would be buying a list of email
addresses for generic leads, especially those sold to multiple
users. When someone receives an email and doesn’t know who you
are, forget about selling to that person. You can send out many
thousands of emails and the response will be negligible – except
for hostile, abusive replies!

Safer, and more profitable, is developing an automatic lead
generation system that is either free or else costs very little
to set up and maintain. In particular, you require the exact
steps that will put your lead generation on auto-pilot –
techniques that come with step-by-step instructions. The yellow
brick road will then be paved with gold.

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If your business requires phone numbers, this can be taken into
account when you set up your free lead generation system. Design
it so that your leads are not only pre-qualified but you are able
to obtain telephone numbers at this time.

Postal leads are another solution – meaning the snail-mail
variety. This is also risky, as well as being expensive. For
instance, a common mistake is to mail a full package to
unqualified leads. A better, and cheaper, approach is to first
send a post card so that you aren’t incurring costs on people who
simply aren’t interested or who may have already joined your

However, it isn’t easy to even recover costs with postcards. Many
find it really hard.

It isn’t all just doom and gloom, though. You still need leads
and there are methods which enable you to set up an automatic
lead generation system, put them into an autoresponder for a
series of emails, and send them a postcard later! However, to
just buy leads and mail postcards has been a huge money loser for
thousands of people.

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The secret is to pre-qualify. The essential ingredient in
building a lead generation system is to be sure you pre-qualify
them for your offer! Fortunately, there are free and low-cost
methods for doing this. Some of them will be mentioned briefly
here. You should follow-up with a fuller, in-depth study of

Method 1. Viral List Builders. Techniques that encourage users
to pass the product onto others, such as ebooks, jokes, cartoons,
pictures, and important information.

Method 2. Ad Co-Op Publishing. Co-operative ventures with others
who agree to place your advertising on their web pages in
exchange for you doing the same with their ads. Try My Traffic Coop Here

Method 3. Forum Tricks. There are thousands of forums covering
just about every topic. These provide opportunities to become
known and to introduce readers to your informal advertising, as
with your forum signature.

Method 4. Article Marketing Strategies. Articles are valuable as
sources of content and information, as well as providing back
links to your web site and pages.

Method 5. Special Bonuses. There are many ways incentives can be
used to join your email list and to convert visitors to buyers.

Method 6. Reverse Marketing. Join every offer you can find that
is related to your market and contact the person making that
offer. They have already demonstrated an interest in your
particular niche and are likely to require more quality

Method 7. Joint Ventures. Contact others who have shown a
similar interest and invite them to JV with you. They provide
leads and you just close the sales, offering a discount to their

Many of the costly lead generation approaches are costly failures
for internet marketers wanting a profitable online business.
However, it is possible to set up a successful low cost system
that will automatically capture leads and build a long-term,
profitable relationship with them.

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